About the Blog

Food and wit. Those are two of the constants in my life.

This blog started out focusing on food & travel, particularly the restaurants I’d dined in and the places I’d gone to. But lately, I realized it can become so much more.

There are plenty of restaurant review blogs. There are also a lot of travel ones too. And hybrids. The kind that share with you the fun details of this restaurant because the respective PR agency reached out to comp their meal in exchange for a cute recap donned with staged photos.

I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to write about that. Because that’s not authentic. It’s not life.

What is life is having to wake up to drive to work when you rather take the day off but you know you probably need to save that mental day for a more serious cause. Or meeting up with a friend because something happened and she just needs to vent. Or traveling three hours to have a meal with family just to celebrate each other.

And though unexpected and painful moments happen, so do the good ones. I try to find humor in most things because that’s how I process and cope.

So this blog is and will be a reflection of that: life. But the undercurrent will always be food. And the tone will always have some level of wit sprinkled.

What does this mean, Ashleigh? I will write about the events in life where food is a main, supporting, or recurring cast member. This won’t be the place for the typical restaurant review but more about the dining experience shared with the company I was with. More personal, less commercial.

I hope you enjoy.


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