Ashleigh N. Whitby

Ashleigh N. Whitby

Though I love home cooked meals, I've learned to really appreciate food from restaurants. And though I'm not as well-traveled as most of my peers, I've come to enjoy many of aspects that come with local destinations. This is basically my place to explore food and travel in more depth.

Ashleigh is Forkcetious

I am your anti-foodie. I like chain restaurants and eating the same thing 4x in a week. I prefer OTP to ITP. I was profiled by Explore Gwinnett, too. Still interested?


IG: @forkcetious

  • I was eating this and wondering to myself if I mistakenly ordered/received the real fried chicken and not the vegan. Then the next day, I ordered this for my mom and she’s like “I thought you said this was vegan chicken.” Chile! 👁