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Pitaya Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Last week, I wanted something sweet. Badly. But instead of running over to Sonic, I decided to make a smoothie bowl instead. I love how pink the pitaya (dragonfruit) makes the smoothie so I often play around with ingredients just to experiment with color and taste. But I really get

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The Candy Bowl for Adults

Before my boo turned 30 last year, we knew that he deserved to have the best birthday party ever. He rented an Airbnb, I confirmed the caterer, and we both started working on the playlist.  After the big things were squared away, I started thinking of little things to make the

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Slowing Down

The spring is always a busy time of the year for me. I have a lot of friends and college acquaintances that have birthdays in early April. After that, it’s my mom’s birthday and Mothers Day and then it’s my birthday.  And this year, I went to my friend’s wedding