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The Friend That Won’t Tip

It’s bad enough that everyone thinks that Black folks don’t tip. But it sucks even more when you know a Black person that doesn’t tip and you have to go out to eat with them. Maybe you were invited to brunch with your college homegirls since everyone is in one place

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$6 Cheeseburgers at Ted’s Montana Grill

I love Ted’s. LOVE. Even though it’s a chain, it’s my favorite restaurant around mostly because I can enjoy practically anything there. Like Marlow’s Tavern, it’s a pretty versatile place and worth visiting with friends, family, coworkers, your boo, etc. So with that being said, you should probably visit Ted’s this Sunday.

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Starbucks is Changing the Game

R.I.P. to the good ole days of being rewarded for twelve trips to Starbucks. And if your plug, err barista is like the ones I’ve grown to know and appreciate at my local ‘Bucks, they’ll ring up your orders separately to help further you along. That’s real. However, those days