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Getting Food from The Pickle, Atlanta’s First Food Truck

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One of the perks of working in Tech Square is the access to a variety of restaurants on a weekly basis. This is extremely convenient for me because I get to run downstairs, order a hot meal, and go back upstairs and continue working. That was how I was introduced to The Pickle on Tuesday.

The Pickle

The Pickle's Menu

The Pickle’s Menu

I’d glanced at The Pickle’s website briefly before coming downstairs, but it was nice to be reminded of their options on the way down. I wasn’t in the mood for sweets and because I don’t eat chicken, I set my sights on the black beans and white rice.


It was a breezy day, so there wasn’t much of a line when I walked down. In less than 5 minutes, I placed my order and began to wait.

During that time, I got to talk to someone that works on the truck. She told me that The Pickle was Atlanta’s first food truck, with its origin dating back to the summer of 2004. The truck (or van, to be quite accurate) was also featured in one of  Martin Lawrence’s “Big Momma’s” franchise films. That was when the van was beige, though.

Since then, The Pickle can be seen all across Atlanta, especially during the festival circuit. I was told to follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts to see where they’d go next.

Soon after that, my food was ready and I returned to my office to eat. Sadly, my black beans seemed a bit burnt but the flavor was good enough for me to want to try them again the next time they return.



What’s good? The Pickle has a rich history and is staffed with extremely personable employees. The aroma of the food lures you to the van and the prices are so affordable, you don’t have to break the bank. They’re gaining popularity in the area and will probably be at a festival or event near you when the weather gets warmer.

If you try one of their options, let me know how you like it!

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One Response to " Getting Food from The Pickle, Atlanta’s First Food Truck "

  1. morgan01w says:

    I’ve never heard of this food truck, but not being in Atlanta anymore that probably makes sense. I like the bright green color! Should be easy to spot it around town. Cool that it’s the first food truck in Atlanta. 🙂